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Polish and publish your manuscript

You've spent ages writing and now you're excited to share your message with the world. Is your manuscript as ready as you are?

 We have the objectivity to pinpoint exactly what's needed, and the expertise to get the job done right.

 We can help bring your book to life. 

Editorial Consultation

Get a big-picture perspective from a veteran editor and find out what your manuscript still needs in order to be printed.

Choose your consultation level:

Lead magnet/e-book

(up to 13,000 words)


Full-length non-fiction book

(up to 60,000 words)


Editing Packages

Ready to move on to the editing phase? Custom editing and production packages are available. Contact us for details.


It was a most rewarding experience working with Mrs. Gross. My project was complicated and required the combination of many skills and great insight into sensitive issues. Every communication, from the first to (what I hope will not be) the last, was smooth. I highly recommend Mrs. Gross for any writing or editing work.

Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg, author

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