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Writing with Pen

Become an author

You're short on time or just never enjoyed writing. Hire a talented "creative chameleon" to write your message in your voice.

Establish yourself as an industry leader, share your wisdom with the world, or leave a memoir for your family.

What does it look like when a Blue Ocean Books ghostwriter writes your book?

For shorter books, it looks like one illuminating, stimulating interview per week. Each interview focuses on a different chapter of your book, as laid out in your Book Blueprint®.

For longer books, we combine weekly interviews and relevant content that you have created (posts, blog entries, even videos).

Ghostwriting Consultation


Reserve a private session to discuss and develop your book idea


  • Refine your idea

  • Define your target audience and learn how to write the book that they are looking for

  • Explore the ghostwriting process (all questions welcome!)​

Note: The cost will be deducted from the total price for clients who order a ghostwriting package within 60 days of our consultation. 


I had been thinking of writing a book for two years before we met. Working on Small Wins together helped me own my expertise. And our conversations were seamless. I’m getting good feedback; people are enjoying the read.

Mark Samuel, Founder and CEO of IWON Organics

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